by Claudio Boscolo and Cristian Vaga.

Today we were in Monza, and we had the chance to talk a bit with Tom Coronel. Tom is a living legend in motorsport, now battling in the TCR Europe with Audi. Here we picked up some comments and opinions on today’s Race 1.

CB: “First of all, nice to meet you. You are very experienced as a driver, what you think of Monza? Did you like it throughout the years, even with bad weather?”

TC: “Well, Monza is always special because of its long straights, very important for the braking zones and the low downforce to feel the mechanical grip. C’mon, Monza is legendary, it’s nuts! You cannot say anything better for Monza, it’s close to Milan, easy to flight to, and there’s good food! I’m always happy when we come in Monza.”

CB: “What about today’s race? You’ve recovered a couple of positions but you had some contacts.”

TC: “Yeah I’ve had a contact with Lopez that bent my rear suspension, I couldn’t do anything anymore. We were not that fast, I could see the Audi was struggling a lot. But well, in the end I got some points, that’s it. Tomorrow there’s another race, it will be dry.”

CB: “What’s your main goal for tomorrow?”

TC: “Good points, strong points. I know that in free practice I was every time in P2, so I know my car is good, and I feel strong. Let’s try and see if we can be somewhere around P5 or P6, that can be possible. I mean, I came back all the way fromP18, big mistake in qualification because I was P5 just before the red flag, on a 2:00.7 before the red flag, they cancelled my lap time and that’s it, I was out. Happens, but we are ready for tomorrow.”

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